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About TBC

What is The Biker Church?
▸    The Biker Church is a full time church which ministers in and to the Biker Community, and to those who love them.

Do I have to own a bike to be part of TBC?
▸    The TBC moto is, “You are a member just by showing up”, therefore NO you don’t have to ride a bike to be a part of the TBC family.  Our focus is on the Bike Community and also to the community..

How do I become a member of TBC?
▸    Well, at TBC you are a member just by showing up.  However in TBC there are two types of members.  We have both Members and “Active Membership”.
▸    Members are comprised of the many who call us home and come as they can.
▸    Active Membership, AM, is filled by those who catch the vision of TBC and want to do ALL that they can to assure the vision is fulfilled.  They are the backbone to the TBC ministry.
▸    In order to become part of the AM, you need to be a member for at least 2 months and also complete our Active Membership / Foundation Class which is offered on several different media including CD.

Is TBC like most other churches?

▸    Well, yes and no.  TBC does hold to the biblical doctrine and belief system.  WE DO NOT COMPROMISE ON THE WORD OF GOD.  You will notice that our church services are not strange nor weird, but hold to the value which Jesus exemplified by His life.
▸    It is out of the “Church Wall” setting that TBC is mostly different.  We have MUCH fellowship.  One thing about bikers is that we like to ride, fellowship, and eat!  We attempt to schedule many rides, fellowships, gathering opportunities, and more for the entire church.  We also have an annual rally and several benefits and benefit rides.

How did TBC begin:
▸    TBC was placed on the hearts of our Senior Pastors / Founders, John “Rev” and Jackie Taylor as they were riding one day.  These Pastors have been in ministry since 1984 and found themselves over those years in fellowship with bikers on any given day.  Being part of the biker community much of their lives anyway, this was an easy thing to do.  Yet God had to encourage them over and over to go ahead and Do This.

      Having "Traditional Services" on Sunday Mornings at 10am, they began "Biker Church Ministries" at 3pm each Sunday.  From the direction that GOD gave them, TBC officially began full time, as a "road church" in 1997, having "church" in Homes, Police Department Snack Rooms, Jails, Streets, & other locations.

      One survey taken shows that 70% of bikers have had some type of relationship with the Lord and yet are not walking the life to its fullest.  70%!  So after many years of this type of church in the after-noon and streets, we became The Biker Church as we finally dedicated our lives to this and in November 2003 bought our first building and TBC Ellisville opened the doors and bikers came from all around. The first year we had over 500 visitors to come and stop by.   Since that time we have opened other churches and ministries in other locations like, TBC Hattiesburg in Hattiesburg MS. (our main church now), and TBC Street Disciples in Pigeon Forge TN. and also TBC Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX, and because of TBC, which seemed to be the original Biker's Church in North American to open a full church, many other churches have opened their hearts to “Biker Ministries” in their own churches. We welcome you to come and be a part of making History!

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